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Three Popular Custom Apparel Printing Options

Apparel printing has come a long way over the years. The days of just single color garment printing are long gone. Now, fashion designers and manufacturers are turning to more colorful and vibrant inks in order to give their garments a more exciting look. The good news is that while you can still expect a great-looking piece of clothing with a colorful, attractive design, there are now a few factors you should consider when choosing your apparel printing company.

If you’re a savvy consumer, chances are that you already know the advantages of using a top-notch apparel printing company like Carrollton Prints. They offer quality t-shirt screen printing and embroidery services that will impress even the pickiest shoppers. You can count on the quality of designs they offer and the quality of service they provide, regardless of what it is you need done for your custom clothing needs.

The type of apparel printing, you have to have done will depend largely on what you’re looking to get from your custom clothing project. There are some common types of items you can request, including logos, designs, and different sizes of shirts. Your chosen screen printer should be able to work with almost any size and type of design that you have in mind for your custom apparel printing needs.

Sometimes, you might also need to have a garment made in a certain shape or style. This is where heat press transfer printing comes in handy. The method involves placing a hot iron onto a piece of fabric, which then transfers the design directly to the garment with little or no heat damage to the fabric. This process is ideal for t-shirts, tank tops, polos, shorts, and even certain garments like ladies’ scrubs or business suits, since the design will appear as though it was silk.

Another common custom apparel printing option is embroidery. This process involves using a special needle to draw a design, outline of the design, and color matching. After the outline is complete, the color is transferred through the use of heat or pressed fabric dye. The process is perfect for those who want their custom embroidered garments to match exactly to their exact specifications and for those who want to make sure that every line in the design matches exactly the same. The process is commonly used in t-shirts, hats, and other clothing articles that need to have small, detailed hand embroidery. Also, this print method is often used when creating certain logos and names.

If you’re thinking about having your garments printed in another popular material, consider investing in a custom t-shirt. With t-shirts, you have the ability to go with either plain or round neck options, and the color is transferable between garments. When using round neck t-shirts, the fabric is cut in a certain shape so that the printing can be performed properly. As for fabric shapes, most companies choose the classic ’round’ to create the most striking impact on their custom apparel pieces. With these few ideas in mind, you should be able to come up with a great idea for the perfect custom garment printing option. For more details on apparel printing visit

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