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Five Mistakes to Avoid With Promotional Outdoor Signs

Promotional outdoor signs are perfect marketing tools for companies and other organizations that want to make a name for themselves outside. A good outdoor sign company can provide excellent outdoor advertising that creates a positive image. There are some common mistakes made by customers and visitors that lead to poor results. Here are five of the biggest reasons why people don’t buy your brand’s outdoor advertising campaign:

No headline text: While writing in headline text can be industry jargon, there are some basic rules and tips to remember when designing promotional, outdoor advertising for your company: Write down the benefits your brand promises: If you want to make a statement about your brand, include its benefits in the headline. Follow the 10-point rule: The ten-point rule is an easy graphic design rule for correctly sized letters and size spacing. It states that when your headline is longer than nine words, the reader should know what they are reading before they open the ad.

Too much text: One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for outdoor digital signage ads is trying to cram everything into their headline. In the age of technology, it’s no wonder that people want everything on one page or else read a lot of texts.

Too many graphics: A big mistake new digital signage companies make is using too many graphics. Graphics create a visual appeal, but they often take up too much space on a billboard. Even if you have great images to use, the best thing to do is put them all together in one place, at least on one side of your billboard.

Using the wrong type of graphics: Even though some ads will look better with black text and white backgrounds, you still need to think about where to put your ad. Use your imagination and think about what kind of visuals would create a stronger impact – something that stands out from the rest.

No color: If you want your outdoor signs to stand out, then you need to consider color. Be creative and try to find ways to make your ads pop – or, even make them fade away with a low sun angle.

Wrong Font: Don’t be afraid to use larger fonts if it’s necessary. It doesn’t hurt to use big fonts, but just make sure that it’s clear and easy to read.

As mentioned, you should be able to see how many of these mistakes can be avoided with good outdoor signs. So do some research online, and find a reputable ┬áthat uses these tips, but don’t make your mistake of going with the first one that comes to mind.

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