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Custom Banner Printing – Wide Format Banner Printing

When choosing to go with Wide Format Banner Printing, make sure to carefully set up your file for print. Proper file set-up will prevent a hefty file from slowing down your computer and prevent the printing process from becoming complicated. The first step in setting up your file for print is to choose the size you want. This means that you will need to enter the exact dimensions of the banner you’d like to create. Also, be sure to adjust the resolution of your image if you need to reduce the size of the banner. For all your Wide Format Banner printing needs, consult Boise Banner Printing in Idaho.

While choosing a wide format printer, keep in mind the size of the banner you need. The dimensions of a banner should be positioned 50 mm from the edge of the entire length. Roll-up banners should be ten centimeters on top, four centimeters on the left and 150 mm from the bottom. If you are using a roll-up banner, make sure to leave a 10 mm margin around the edge. Most printers accept most file formats and will flatten the final artwork to a single layer.

When it comes to choosing the right material for your large format banner, Hi-Tech Color is the worldwide leader. They offer a variety of digital print materials to suit nearly any project specifications. Their wide format fabric options range from the most economical to the highest-end, premium-grade quality. They are ideal for advertising campaigns, tradeshows, trade shows, and more. With a variety of colors and textures, wide format fabrics are an excellent choice.

Wide format banners are great for outdoor use. They can be attached to poles to act as building signs, or placed at stationary points inside or outside your building. Printed banners can even serve as patio covers for your home. These versatile and durable products are perfect for promoting your business and your brand. With the versatility and high-quality materials, wide format banners are a must-have for any event! You can design a wide-format product for any occasion.

Whether you need a banner for an outdoor event or for a tradeshow, Hi-Tech Color’s wide format material range can meet most project specifications. There are many different types of material to fit any budget, from economy to premium grade. You can easily find what you need at Hi-Tech Color. In addition to quality, the company will also be able to offer you an array of other benefits. For example, you can get a blown-up brochure for a fraction of the cost of printing a traditional paper flyer.

In addition to choosing a wide format banner, it is important to choose the right materials for it. The best material for a large-scale project is a matte nonwoven fabric banner. It can last for years without fading and is recyclable. You can order your banner online through our company. There are many benefits to choosing a wide-format print. For a limited budget, a high-quality matte-finish banner is an investment in your business.

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