Concerned that music piracy is robbing the Kenya Music Industry of over KShs 10 billion annually - while our fragmented industry appears powerless to fight for its rights; Kenya Music Week was created to provide an accessible public forum for Industry stakeholders (i.e. musicians, producers, promoters, distributors, media, consumers, government & NGOs) to interact and produce solutions to Industry problems.


  • Provide an opportunity for the Kenya Music Industry (e.g. musicians, producers, promoters & distributors) to market their goods (e.g. albums, merchandise) and services (e.g. performances) to the public.

  • Connect the Industry with the consuming public for the purpose of market feedback.

  • Educate the public on Industry issues (e.g. music piracy).

  • Create an accessible forum whereby Industry stakeholders (i.e. musicians, producers, promoters, distributors, media, government & NGOs) can network and interact to produce solutions for Industry problems.

  • Educate, through workshops, Industry stakeholders on professional business skills, including copyright protection.

  • Use this united assembly of Industry stakeholders as a publicity opportunity to lobby for the enforcement of music copyright and the elimination of piracy (e.g. press conferences, petitions).

  • Encourage stronger win-win partnerships between Industry stakeholders nationally, regionally and internationally.

  • Conduct an industry census and register Industry stakeholders into a central database for future inter-communication purposes.

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